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We have been serving the Permian Basin from the same location since 1934. The team at Ervin Plumbing & Supply Inc. is qualified and experienced to provide a wide range of services.  

Pipe Jetting 

Drain line issues are best left to trained professionals with the proper equipment. We have a camera that can travel far down drain lines to detect and pinpoint problems. This sets the stage for a high-pressure jetting unit to quickly and safely blast away nearly any obstruction within the drain line. This process saves billable job time and additional service costs associated with service to older or worn lines.  
Septic Systems 
If you live out of the city’s limits and need a new septic system, contact us. We are licensed to install and/or repair septic systems. 
Slab Leak Detection 
Our remarkable, time-saving process for line location within concrete slabs uses technology similar to the process used for sonograms. We use sound to listen for leaks. This process saves on billable time and works in the least invasive manner to precisely diagnose the issue and proceed to repairs with minimal impact on your building’s structure.

Our ground sensor listens for the gurgling or hammering of water escaping from a cracked pipe under concrete, asphalt, or tile. For soft surfaces like grass or carpet, we use special probe rods to listen. This process saves money and protects your valuable ground structures. 
Water Heaters 
An efficient storage tank heater will produce more hot water while using less energy. Plus tankless water heaters are an environmentally responsible water heating solution. At Ervin Plumbing & Supply, we install high-quality systems from top-brands, including Rinnai, State Water Heaters, and Eemax. 

Rinnai: To start saving energy, space and money, allow us to install a system from Rinnai. As the world’s largest gas appliance supplier, Rinnai offers systems that work efficiently and cost you less. Learn more about Rinnai on their website.

State Water Heaters: Known for building durability, State Water Heaters offers over 500 water heater products designed to last. These efficient and high-performance units provide optimal hot water solutions. Learn more about State Water Heaters on their website.

Eemax: Cut energy costs with a hot water system from Eemax. These whole house units feature a stylish stainless steel exterior, compact design, and are 99% energy-efficient. They are easy to install, have a hot and cold water feed, and come complete with a 1-year warranty on parts and a 5-year warranty for leaks. Learn more about Eemax on their website.
Consultation Services  
We offer specific advice on how to proceed with the installation of nearly anything we sell. We may also make a determination as to whether a technician should be sent out to complete the job. We aim to give the best deal to each customer or contractor based on his or her level of expertise.
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